Combining portability with refillable spray foam options, the Mobile MagnumTM Cart makes it easy and convenient to get started using low pressure polyurethane foam.

mobile-magnumThe professional and portable Mobile Magnum Cart can easily transport 8 gallon refillable tanks that cover up to 1,010 board feet in and around a home – even through doorways. Just the right size for insulation and weatherization contractors.

The Mobile Magnum System is low maintenance, offer fast and easy setup and teardown, and require a minimal equipment investment. The Mobile Magnum makes the Handi-Foam System 8 refillable tanks easily transported to the jobsite, and once empty, the tanks are returned to Comfort RXSM for cleaning, refilling, and reuse. The 100-foot length hose is the most popular as it allows for a contractor to easily move from an attic to a basement or crawlspace.