The Magnum Heated System is designed for use with Handi-Foam low pressure spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and Handi-Flow pour-in-place polyurethane foam (PIP) refillable systems. Because temperature has such an impact on the quality of polyurethane foam, the Magnum Heated System was designed to keep polyurethane foam at a consistent temperature at all times – from the tank to the point of application.

magnum-heatedNo pumps or motors are required to operate the Magnum Heated System, keeping the equipment expense minimal.  Set up and tear down of this system each only take minutes and with a 75 or 150 foot of hose. It’s easy to reach the application site while keeping larger Handi-Foam tanks heated in the truck. Because the equipment expense is minimal, the barriers to entry are few while the application flexibility is great. With Comfort RXSM, the training is free.

The Magnum Heated System has the flexibility to insulate residential construction sites, and the power for use in large commercial applications.