The patented Handi-Gun® dispensing units are available with our low pressure spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and low pressure pour-in-place polyurethane foam (PIP) refillable systems. The Handi-Guns offer easy nozzle attachments, responsive triggers for accurate metering and clear hoses to provide easy viewing of chemical flow. Additional options are available in the models below.





  • Variable Flow Control: Advanced Hi/Lo switch with meterable flow for industry leading application control.
  • Intuitive Operation: One hand required, simple and secure safety 
trigger that allows for pinch free operation and protection from 
accidental chemical release.
  • Twist and Lock Nozzles: Versatile cone and fan spray patterns with the updated twist and lock ColorWise™ Temperature Warning Nozzles.
  • Sturdy & Comfortable Grip: Ergonomically designed with you in mind, the Handi-Gun II has been refined to enhance comfort and control for our professional users.

(Handi-Gun II is only intended to be used with Handi-Foam E84 low pressure spray polyurethane foam products.)





  • Snap On/Snap Off Nozzles: Convenient nozzle attachments with a snap-on, snap-off connection.
  • Responsive Trigger: Allows for accurate metering, precise application, labor savings and reduced waste.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Clear hoses attached to the Handi-Gun provide easy viewing of the chemical flow.